Add twitter feed to thesis theme

This step is optional. If your Twitter feed displays OK by now, you are done and no further action is required. However, if you encounter above situation, you need to disable a feature on SharePoint Site, called Minimal Download Strategy .  This feature has to do with how page is rendered for perfromance reasons. So there is no hard in disabling this really. You need to have Full Control Access to do this. Go to Site Settings > Site Actions > Manage Site Features. Scroll down until you see Minimal Download Strategy and disable it (click Deactivate Button). You will get a warning message, just proceed by clicking Deactivate this feature

" All the hard work of building out and adjusting a complete deep learning platform has begun to pay off. On the task of timeline ranking, deep learning models achieved significant gains in offline model accuracy evaluations. These gains persisted consistently throughout the regular model lifecycle, including the introduction of new features and extending the model to predicting new types of engagement. This proved to us that the deep learning approach is stable, and that it generalizes well. More importantly, online experiments have also shown significant increases in metrics such as Tweet engagement, and time spent on the platform. And as we've shared before during our previous earnings, the updated timeline has in part driven increases in both audience and engagement on Twitter."

Add twitter feed to thesis theme

add twitter feed to thesis theme


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