Can someone revise my essay

Revising and editing are a writers best friend but at the same time their worst enemy. Originally in my schooling I was led to believe that revising was just the basic editing job, a couple commas here and a spelling correction there. Reading this article I am forced to believe differently. As talked about in the article, I was always the kind of person to write a rough draft and just knit pick a couple sentences here and there. Looking back I see just how wrong I was. Revisions are a chance to advance your writing and transform your paper to its true potential. Revising comes with the bitter connotation of repetitive and relentless work, but the results don’t lie. Once you compare your final draft to your first attempt, you want to see true improvement, and revising is a great rule of thumb to get there.

More . Another confusing phrase I hear is "GFCI circuit." Where a true GFCI circuit breaker is used, everything it feeds would certainly be a GFCI-protected branch circuit. Where an outlet-type GFCI is used, the branch circuit it is on always includes something -- some wire, at least -- that is not being protected or shut off by the device. People want to use the word "circuit" to refer to the items that go dead when the GFCI trips. This is understandable, but "circuit" is not the right word. We need to keep using "circuit" to talk about the whole circuit this outlet and its loads are part of. " Load " is the accepted term for the things being protected.

As a writer who despises revision, all of these techniques are extremely helpful. Although, I’m not an outline person, and most likely never will be. I especially like the suggestion of a critique group. I have recently opened up more about my writing, and have benefited greatly from it. One of the biggest hurdles I have had to overcome was the ego check. The first time my editor and friend critiqued my work, I had to take a minute and grasp the big picture: she was helping me to become a better writer. I’ll never forget seeing all of those red marks and notes on my work. That’s where the next piece of great advice comes in – don’t try to get it perfect on your first attempt. Writing is rewriting, right?

Can someone revise my essay

can someone revise my essay


can someone revise my essaycan someone revise my essaycan someone revise my essaycan someone revise my essay