Chicago style thesis footnote

Finally, the school also has been criticized for training economists who advised the Chilean government (and to a lesser extent other South American governments) during the 1970s and 1980s. Whilst they were credited with transforming Chile into Latin America's best performing economy (see Miracle of Chile ) with GDP per capita increasing from US$693 at the start of 1975 (the year Milton Friedman met with Augusto Pinochet ; 9th highest of 12 South American countries) to $14,528 by the end of 2014 (the 2nd highest in South America), [27] critics counter there was a corresponding increase in income inequality and that the reforms had a negative influence on the economic policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher . In the years since the reforms were introduced, the economic system implemented by the " Chicago Boys " (a label given to this group of economists) have mostly remained in place. [28] A film titled Chicago Boys , which had a highly critical view of the economic reforms, was released in Chile in November 2015. [29]

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Chicago style thesis footnote

chicago style thesis footnote


chicago style thesis footnotechicago style thesis footnotechicago style thesis footnotechicago style thesis footnote