Computer science research papers format

Our graduate students are an integral part of the academic life of the Department. We are a medium-sized but growing department with many internationally recognised researchers and visiting academics, large groups of PhD students, research assistants, national and international projects, collaborations with other departments and the School as well as links with industry. We offer an exciting environment and excellent opportunities for research. Our research students have access to good library facilities, a personal work area including a desk and high-specification computer, new PhD laboratories, weekly departmental seminars and regular group seminars, and college-based training in transferable and research skills.

This journal focuses on research topics pertaining to devices, sensing, computing and communication technologies, software/hardware modeling and system architectures towards Personalized, Pervasive, Participatory, Predictive, Preventive, Programmable and Perpetual (P7) Healthcare. This will be an interdisciplinary journal which would publish high-quality papers from researchers of various disciplines including medicine, computer science and engineering and bio and electrical engineering. Papers covering all aspects of P7 Healthcare including innovative technology, clinical studies of efficacy of existing technology, and analytical studies are in this journal.
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Computer science research papers format

computer science research papers format


computer science research papers formatcomputer science research papers formatcomputer science research papers formatcomputer science research papers format