Critical essays dubliners

Allan Bloom may be a conservative icon, but there is no doubt much of what he says is pretty much on the mark. All one needs to do is teach at a college for a year and find that his view of students is often on target. Also, read Chris Hedges and Dwight McDonald and you’ll find these “liberal” voices echoing Bloom. As far as “canon” goes, I resent them. The’re childish and biased. Reminds me of when I was a kid and someone asked “What’s your favorite movie?” As if out of hundreds of different genres and styles films I could name one that was my favorite. The “canon” is a guide, nothing more, nothing less.

She looks forward to the evening, and reflects on the simple joy of her independence. She also reflects sadly on Joe and Alphy: though they are brothers and were once the best of friends, they are no longer speaking to each other. For the children, she buys some penny cakes at Downe's. Then she goes to a shop in Henry Street, where she fusses over getting a perfect slice of plum cake as a special treat. It costs two shillings and four pence, a princely sum for Maria. On the tram, she fears she is going to have to stand; the young men simply stare at her. But finally an older gentleman lets her have his seat. They chat about Hallow Eve and the treats.

Critical essays dubliners

critical essays dubliners


critical essays dublinerscritical essays dublinerscritical essays dublinerscritical essays dubliners