Division manager resume

Manage HR functions for IT employees outsourced through a leading staffing firm. Direct all stages of staffing that included sourcing, interviewing, salary negotiation, and onboarding. Interact with clients' manager regarding performance and personnel issues. Coach and counsel employees to improve skills and set up career plans. Conduct annual performance reviews, and determine raises. Review and collect information needed to process payroll. Explain benefits programs and guide employees in accessing resources. Maintain documentation required for compliance. Stay current with changes in HR and labor law.

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Contract Managers supervise contract teams, assign tasks, maintain the relationship with suppliers or service providers and make sure that contracts are cost-effective. Typical Contract Manager duties are nurturing customer relationship, negotiating contracts, managing tenders, training employees, and assessing customer needs. Qualifications commonly listed on Contract Manager resume examples are technical proficiency, organizational skills, teamwork, supervisory skills, leadership, and communication abilities. Candidates for this role usually showcase in their resumes a degree in business administration or similar fields.

Division manager resume

division manager resume


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