Essay for nursing program

Nursing programs have continually evolved over the years, in an attempt to accommodate the growing demands of the health-care industry. Nurses have been required to expand their knowledge beyond the basic technical skills needed at the bedside. The ability to engage in research and apply evidence based practice in the clinical setting, is now a requirement for many nursing positions. Based on the request for more educated nurses, The Institution of Medicine is calling for an increase in the number of Baccalaureate prepared nurses to 80% of the nursing population (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Also, by 2018, The Bureau of Labor Statistics is estimating that there will be a need for approximately 580,000 new and replacement nurses (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2015). Due to the increasing demands for nurses, specifically baccalaureate nurses, nursing schools have had to be creative in regards to producing competent nurses in a short period of time. The second degree accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program has allowed schools to produce more nurses per year than ever before. How these accelerated nursing programs compare to their traditional counterparts, has been a topic of debate since the inception of accelerated programs. However, the research has lacked in regards to the effectiveness of students that complete these accelerated nursing programs. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effectiveness of accelerated nursing programs, and their ability to produce safe and quality nurses.
Accelerated nursing students are a unique group of people who bring with them unique expectations and challenges. Nursing schools must be aware of these expectations and challenges in order to effectively teach these students.

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Essay for nursing program

essay for nursing program


essay for nursing programessay for nursing programessay for nursing programessay for nursing program