Essays canada cold war

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The Veil Protocol has not failed. Though the "parascientific" has become relatively widespread, the average person believes such innovations to be no more than particularly advanced science, the details of which are heavily censored. The Foundation is totally unknown to all but the upper leadership of the great powers, though it works with many governments through front companies and infiltrated agents. As such the Foundation's core mission has not changed, though the willingness of Russia and America to unleash the anomalous has added a considerable sense of urgency. They are to secure, contain, and protect; preserve their artifacts from the world and the world from their artifacts.

But the problem with fixating on the Russian plot is that it risks exonerating everyone and everything else responsible for the election of Donald Trump. At most, the Russians, with all their efforts, may have a managed a thumb on the American scale. They weren’t the ones that lifted Trump, a venal huckster shilling dark fantasies and impossible lies, into a place where the presidency was even possible. They didn’t give him his platform. They didn’t create an American world where his conspiracies and flim-flam could ever be believed, let alone promoted and adopted as real.

Essays canada cold war

essays canada cold war


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