Evaluation geography coursework

The outcome of the CCE system at the initial level varies. Though most of the schools implemented it quickly, teachers and students who were accustomed to the older system of evaluation and examination faced difficulties coping with the changes. The main aim of CCE is to reduce pressure on students who are unable to effectively participate in the educational system and leave it dejected and with low self-confidence. However the system has also been criticised for focussing more on projects and activities than actual learning. Critics also state that students' workload has not actually gone down because even though exams have been reduced, stressed students wrestle with projects and oral tests all the year round. Students are required to participate in activities even if the syllabus is not covered. Despite these criticisms, the outcomes of this system were projected to be better that the rote learning of the previous system, which placed an undue emphasis on memory and facts instead of understanding and creating a learning environment. [ citation needed ]

Evaluation geography coursework

evaluation geography coursework


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