Film studies as level coursework

Students may in future be permitted to produce a creative piece as part of their senior dissertations and we already have one PhD student who is doing a film script and short film as a complement to her full-length dissertation. We encourage postgraduate students to apply for posts as tutors in the centre. Typically, this would involve tutoring in one of the large first year introductory courses in film or media, but in some cases we ask postgraduate students to take more senior courses if they have the right experience or qualifications. Some of our most exciting senior undergraduate seminars (for example, on Food Media, or Advertising, or the Business of Media, or Masculinity in Magazines, or Animation) have involved postgraduate students.

Here is a list of materials endorsed by WJEC to support the teaching and learning of this qualification.

  • Illuminate Textbook Order Form
  • Eduqas GSCE Film Studies Textbook
Digital Resources
  • Guidance for Teaching
  • Film Studies Teacher Network
  • [Webinar] A guide to the new specification
  • Specialist writing extract pack
  • Online Exam Review
  • Component 1 – Section A: Key Developments in US Film
  • Component 1 – Section C: US Independent Film
  • Component 2 – Section A: Global English language film
  • Component 2 – Section B: Global non-English language film
  • Component 2 - Section C: Contemporary UK film
  • Aesthetics
  • Screenwriting
  • Induction Activities
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Moving Image Awards 2017 The Moving Image Awards, designed in partnership with the British Film Institute, recognises and rewards the UK's most talented young film-makers. Every year, students undertaking WJEC qualifications in Film and Media are invited to submit their work for consideration by our panel of judges.

Rear projection is a special effects technique used to give the illusion of filming a scene on location. The technique combines pre-filmed background footage with present foreground action. Rear projection was most popularized in driving sequences, when actors would sit inside a prop vehicle rigged up to a projector, which would cast the pre-filmed footage behind on a screen. This would give the illusion that the scene was occurring inside of a moving car, despite the fact that most instances of the rear projection technique looked quite amateur. While the foreground action would be keyed with the proper lighting and focus, the projected footage oftentimes appeared washed-out and weak.

Film studies as level coursework

film studies as level coursework


film studies as level courseworkfilm studies as level courseworkfilm studies as level courseworkfilm studies as level coursework