How to teach a kid to write an essay

Trying to raise independent, self-sufficient kids isn’t always easy! We want to be supportive parents, but not take over their lives. Where’s the balance? I’m still trying to figure it out myself. Read more about why I started Self-Sufficient Kids here .

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My daughter was also rather young (5) when she wanted me to show her. I am a continental knitter and we have the long tail cast on as a standard method and whilst I do teach adults here in England other cast ons first, I felt weirdly strongly about her learning it the same way as I did. So, I decided to cast on for her and start with the knit stitch. She never had a problem to copy my way of wrapping the yarn to create tension. However she only wraps it around her index finger once rather than twice. I guess that is a matter of short fingers and sweaty hands. She picked up super easily how to do the actual stitch.
Next, I showed her how to cast off and then the long tail cast on. And I was surprised how quickly she got it at that stage.
I guess, the whole knitting came easily to her because she has seen me so many times doing it. It is definitely a matter of waiting until they are really keen to learn it.
And I like to take those beginners on my lap and just knit a few rows together to get the movement. Clearly this only works with children. I never took any of my adult students on my lap :)
She wanted to knit a scarf as a first project and I expected her to never finish it. She started about 10 months ago (and it is only about 12 stitches wide) and it is still not long enough. But in the meantime I could convince her to knit a few bows instead. Just cast on about 10 stitches, knit about 10 to 12 rows, weave in the ends, push the middle of your rectangle together and wrap some yarn around tightly. Put it on a hair clip. Easy, quick, quick feeling of achievement, everybody is happy. She made a few of those for her teachers as end of year presents. So I think, bows are the best beginners projects ever.
Oh, and whenever she wants me to fix it I do as little as possible. I might adjust the tension if it got far to loose but I never even knit more than a whole row for her. But with those little bows there is no need to do that.

How to teach a kid to write an essay

how to teach a kid to write an essay


how to teach a kid to write an essayhow to teach a kid to write an essayhow to teach a kid to write an essayhow to teach a kid to write an essay