Occupational therapy phd thesis

To the extent that OT Graduates will be expected to function as autonomous practitioners and to provide a full range of occupational therapy services, the Department of Occupational Therapy has established minimum standards for participation and progression in the program. Individuals who complete the program are eligible to sit for the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy Exam, apply for state licensure and entry into the profession of occupational therapy. In order to effectively participate and progress in the didactic and clinical portions of the program, students must possess certain skills, which are outlined here .

Navarro College's 72-credit OTA program integrates fieldwork and clinical experiences with lectures, labs, and seminars for comprehensive training. The program emphasizes professionalism, lifelong learning, evidence-based practice, advocacy, and clinical reasoning. Students learn about occupational performance through the lifespan, medical terminology, therapeutic interventions, healthcare management, and mental health. They participate in 3 clinical experiences working with children, adults, and in mental health. At least 640 hours of fieldwork are required. Graduates will be eligible for the national licensure exam to become a certified OTA in a variety of settings.

Occupational therapy phd thesis

occupational therapy phd thesis


occupational therapy phd thesisoccupational therapy phd thesisoccupational therapy phd thesisoccupational therapy phd thesis