Outline annotated research paper

After the early coordination or scoping process, the grant applicant should prepare an annotated outline of the EA annotated outline ensures the focus of the EA is on significant issues and not on issues that are not significant or have been addressed elsewhere. Significant issues are those that will assist decisionmakers in selecting a preferred alternative, a selection that includes consideration of the No Build alternative. The outline will be reviewed by FTA to ensure that appropriate alternatives are being studied and that the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations are being met. The outline is a tool for planning an efficient and effective environmental review process that produces adequate documentation. The outline should be consulted frequently during development of the EA. The annotated outline may follow the EA format described in the NEPA implementing regulations  (40 CFR Part (b) ; CEQ’s 40 NEPA Questions; #36a) , or it may be a different, logical organization of the required information.

Outline annotated research paper

outline annotated research paper


outline annotated research paperoutline annotated research paperoutline annotated research paperoutline annotated research paper