Pe a2 coursework

Students in Year 9 have one lesson of Art per week enabling them to really embed the key skills learned throughout Year 7 and 8. They begin the year with our popular observational drawing unit based on chocolates. This focuses on the key skills required to ensure a smooth transition to GCSE Art and Design. Students research and present their work in their own original way and learn the skills needed for GCSE Art. Painting skills are built upon during our Impressionism unit and students are able to create a group piece inspired by Monet.

Students who miss two homework tasks in a single week are required to attend homework club in order to catch up. Performing Arts The Faculty Mr J Hutchens Head of Performing Arts Miss A Adams Head of Music Miss L Tovey Teacher of Drama Performing Arts is a great way to build confidence for communication by equipping students with performance skills and encouraging creativity in Drama and Music.  The faculty enables students to work individually and in teams as students collaborate to create excellent performances. These are essential transferable skills for the whole of their lives. With a positive energy, promote creative thinking and give rich feedback to learners. This means our students thrive and develop into confident and articulate performers. A large variety of opportunities are offered to develop excellence in performance through lessons, school productions, Musical evenings, concerts and gigs.

"Our mission is to provide a diverse and challenging range of quality experiences, delivered by caring, professional staff, in a well ordered environment. In partnership with parents, we will enable young people to discover and develop their academic, artistic, physical and social skills and they will acquire the knowledge to make informed choices in career, moral, spiritual and health related issues. The skills needed for independent and lifelong learning will be honed and the totality of their experiences at the College will empower them to shape their futures and become fully integrated in to the ever changing local and global communities."

Pe a2 coursework

pe a2 coursework


pe a2 courseworkpe a2 courseworkpe a2 courseworkpe a2 coursework