Plague of tics essay

“Consistenly dreadful. His slow lazy delivery it’s not particularly funny from my point of view, for instance the rappar ‘joke’ a few weeks ago had some initial laughs but he dragged it on for far too long, often repeating himself after long silences. He doesn’t interact with the audience, which is a major negaitve giving how close he is to them during the show, and looking straight at the camera during it to try and engage with the audience at home is needless and desperate.
Without doubt the joke he done lying on his back was the worst, I was embarressed for him by the end. He doesn’t fall into any particular categories, he is not edgy enough to shock the audience and he lacks persona and stage presence, not creative enought to preach a political mantra or try something that hasn’t been done hundreds of times by different comedians and he doesn’t have any angle beside the boring grumpy middle aged man. And he is not fat, he should stop saying that he is.
The sketches actually make the show worse, sewage coming out a television, I pay a license for this? :unsure: I don’t have anything against him, I’ve never seen him live and there are plenty of worse comedians out there but some reviewers are hailing this as the funniest thing on TV at the moment, I just don’t see the attraction.” St Hugh, football forum

And while you’re at it, it’s probably worth your while to READ the science on mercury as well. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has saved you the trouble of even having to look for it. It’s all in a book named “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak.” You should know that there is ZERO oversight as to the “work that’s been done to remove mercury compounds from vaccines” as well. All the manufacturer had to do was file a process with the FDA for said mercury removal. The FDA doesn’t check to see if the process actually WORKS and the mercury is removed.

Plague of tics essay

plague of tics essay


plague of tics essayplague of tics essayplague of tics essayplague of tics essay