Postmodern cinema essay

In actual fact, all movies made after the modern period are “post-modern” by virtue of the very times in which they were made. As an artist of today, one is unable to avoid the post-modern tag because (within the paradigm of artistic theory) artists are deemed to be aware of the past and how their work either breaks from the past (via methods such as meta-concepts, breaking the 4th wall, fucking with narrative, decentering the point of view etc) or makes use of the past via forms of intertextuality (in a knowing way). all art in our post-modern period, regardless of the artist’s best intentions, is partly concerned with the knowledge that there are no grand narratives.

By the early 1960s minimalism emerged as an abstract movement in art (with roots in geometric abstraction via Malevich , the Bauhaus and Mondrian ). Important artists who emerged as pioneers of minimalism include Frank Stella , Larry Bell , Ad Reinhardt , Agnes Martin , Barnett Newman , Donald Judd , Tony Smith , Carl Andre , Robert Smithson , Sol LeWitt , Dan Flavin , Robert Mangold , Robert Morris , and Ronald Bladen among others. These artists also frequently employed shaped canvases , as in the example by Richard Tuttle shown at right. Minimal art rejected the idea of relational, and subjective painting, the complexity of abstract expressionist surfaces, and the emotional zeitgeist and polemics present in the arena of action painting . Minimalism argued that extreme simplicity could capture all of the sublime representation needed in art. Associated with painters such as Frank Stella , minimalism in painting and sculpture, as opposed to other areas, is a late modernist movement and depending on the context can be construed as a precursor to the post modern movement.

Postmodern cinema essay

postmodern cinema essay


postmodern cinema essaypostmodern cinema essaypostmodern cinema essaypostmodern cinema essay