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5.  Take on debt .  Let’s say you work really hard and get accepted to a top tier program, but without the fellowship support that you need because — silly you! — you’re not rich.  You night start thinking, "sure, I’ll have to take on some debt, but it’s a great program and therefore worth it."  Wrong!  First of all, it’s not like you’re going to be raking in the bucks as a post-grad — even a small amount of debt can be financially debilitating.  Second, not getting a fellowship is a powerful signal of lukewarm interest on the part of the school, so you’d already be starting with a strike against you.  Unless you’re rich, only attend traditional . programs that offer you full tuition and a stipend. 

Putin has no respect for the sovereign nations that the Soviet Union inadvertently created.  The map of Novorossiya has been put away for the time being, but its message was clear; there was no Ukraine in tsarist Russia.  It was only created in the aftermath of the Russian revolution and the attempt by Lenin and the Bolsheviks to assign national borders where none previously had existed.  The 1917 revolution culminated some 74 years later in the creation of 15 countries, an outcome that Putin has called the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20 th century.

Putin dissertation plagiarized

putin dissertation plagiarized


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