Referencing unpublished thesis apa style

Treaty title . Year signed. [Online]. Volume number and abbreviated Treaty Series name and 1st page number, opened for signature/adopted full date, and entered into force full date. [Date accessed]. Available from: URL

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities . 2007. [Online]. 2515 UNTS 3, opened for signature 30 March 2007, entered into force 3 May 2008. [Accessed 7 January 2015]. Available from: https:///doc/publication/UNTS/Volume%202515/

The authoritative source for UN treaties is the UN Treaty Collection .  This should provide all of the details required for a full reference.

Type in “Unpublished Article” or “Unpublished Manuscript.” For any article from a university, include the university name, city and state. If the university name has the city and state included, you do not need to put the city and state afterward. Any work in the process of publication should use the publisher’s information. If it is submitted, but not yet accepted, type “submitted for publication” but leave out any information about the publisher since it might not be accepted. Put a period at the end. This part is not italicized.

At the end of your essay, place a list of the references you have cited in the text. Arrange this in alphabetical order of authors' surnames, and then chronologically (earliest publication date first) for each author where more than one work by that author is cited. The author's surname is placed first, followed by initials or first name, and then the year of publication is given. If the list contains more than one item published by the same author(s) in the same year, add lower case letters immediately after the year to distinguish them (. 1983a). These are ordered alphabetically by title disregarding any initial articles ( a , an or the ).

Referencing unpublished thesis apa style

referencing unpublished thesis apa style


referencing unpublished thesis apa stylereferencing unpublished thesis apa stylereferencing unpublished thesis apa stylereferencing unpublished thesis apa style