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Chronicling America from the Library of Congress
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The Portal to Texas History
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Kansas Historical Society (free with Kansas driver's license)
Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection
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Twin Falls Public Library Newspaper Archive (Idaho)
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Iowa Historical Newspapers, University of Northern Iowa
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In the chart above, data through 2012 come from the trade group formerly known as the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), now known as the News Media Alliance (NMA). Data from 2013 onward is based on the Center’s analysis of financial statements from publicly traded . newspaper companies, which now number seven and account for around a quarter of all . daily newspapers, from large national papers to mid-size metro dailies to local papers. For each year through 2012, the year-over-year percentage change in advertising and circulation revenue for these companies is calculated and then applied to the previous year’s revenue totals as reported by the NMA/NAA. In testing this method, changes from 2004-2012 generally matched those as reported by the NMA/NAA; for more details, see our  2016 report .

Research newspaper

research newspaper


research newspaperresearch newspaperresearch newspaperresearch newspaper