Resume additional coursework

“Testimonials add credibility and validate the accomplishments, personal traits and areas of expertise highlighted in the resume,” says Judy Friedler, NCRW, principal of resume-writing firm CareerPro International. Testimonials could include excerpts from performance appraisals , snippets from reference letters , and even informal emails complimenting your work performance.

How to include: Extract the strongest quotes and add to the objective section of your resume. “Testimonials can also be placed within the job description for the most relevant position,” McIntosh says.

In some sectors, particularly in the startup community, use of traditional résumé has seen a consistent decline. [18] While standalone résumés are still used to apply for jobs, job-seekers may also view their résumés as one of a number of assets which form their personal brand and work together to strengthen their job application. In this scenario, résumés are generally used to provide a potential employer with factual information (., achievements), while the social media platforms give insight into the job-seekers' motivations and personality.

Resume additional coursework

resume additional coursework


resume additional courseworkresume additional courseworkresume additional courseworkresume additional coursework