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Dr. Jaap van Harten is Executive Publisher for Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences at Elsevier in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He trained as a pharmacist at Leiden  University , The Netherlands, and got a PhD in clinical pharmacology in 1988. He then joined Solvay Pharmaceuticals, where he held positions in pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology, medical marketing, and regulatory affairs. In 2000, he moved to Excerpta Medica, Elsevier's medical communications  branch, where he headed the Medical Department and the Strategic Publication Planning Department. In 2004, he joined Elsevier's Publishing organization, initially as Publisher of the Genetics journals and books, and since 2006 as Executive Publisher Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Jillian Buriak: I would say, you can’t digest the whole paper all at once starting from the title and going to the abstract. What I think is a nice way is kind of getting a map before you get on the road and start driving. The map tells you where you’re going, gives you a sense of the landmarks along the way. Skim through and look at the figures. Figures are kind of the big landmarks, the things you want to see along the way. And then maybe go to the conclusions. That gives you a sense of where the paper’s going. At that point, the thinking of the authors, the concept of the project has been framed.

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