Samples of hypothesis

Charles, please
Would, you so kind to cut after “Well done Charles” changing (April 6, 23:30)
confusing/incorrect text by the following:
Though we deliberated to retain 95% (say) probability to the Null Hypothesis
and a scarce 5% to the Alternative we are never apt to “accept” H0, not whithstand
found in a no few statistical literature. Jargon? could be, but dangerous
for beginners. On contrary In case the test falls outside ill-named
“acceptance interval” we reject H0 because its evident unlikeliness.
Thanks so much, Charles (you are a very special person, all we can state)
By the way: I would be really gratful for your corrections, indeed.

Thank you very much.
Also I was wondering what are the assumptions that are made about the data to conduct the t-test? That it was normally distributed for both groups?
I was a bit confused about whether to use the pooled or non-pooled standard error, could you explain what you meant by “if b = true”?
And finally, would you report these results in a lab report the same as you would report the results of any t-test, except reporting the values of b and standard deviations of b instead of means?
Sorry about all the questions, I’m very new to stats and using excel!
Best wishes,

Samples of hypothesis

samples of hypothesis


samples of hypothesissamples of hypothesissamples of hypothesissamples of hypothesis