Save our planet earth essay

Songs for Earth Day/Arbor Day
A Song for Planet Earth – Mrs. Music & West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Can it! Save the Planet! – Music with Mar.
Care for the Earth – Bay Song
The Care Of The Earth – Dave Kinnoin
Come Back Home (John Muir) – Jonathan Sprout
Earth Day – Dr. Jean
Earth Day Celebration –Bay Song
Earth Pledge – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
The Earth is My Mother – Carol Johnson
(Every Arbor Day) Plant A Tree –Marla Lewis
Every Day an Earth Day – Ron Brown
Every Day is Earth Day – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
The Good Earth – Jack Hartmann
Friend of the Earth – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Interconnected (Rachel Carson) – Jonathan Sprout
Kids of the Earth – Michael Ryther
Let's Take Care of the Earth – Debbie Clement
Little Bird (We All Share One Home) – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Little Blue Ball – Stan Slaughter
Love Large – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Looks Like A Party – Dave Kinnoin
Mighty River Running Strong – Joan Maute, .
Mother Earth – Pam Minor
The Nature Dance –Bay Song
One World – Lucas Miller
Sacred Trees – Lorraine Bayes
Save (Our World) – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Save the Earth – Jack Hartmann
Save the Earth! – Dianne Baker
The Solar Power Rag – Joan Maute, .
A Song for Planet Earth – Mrs. Music and West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Song of Life – Lydia Adams Davis & Kathy Byers
Spaceship Earth – Bay Song
This Fragile Earth – Liz Buchanan
The Tree – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
We're All In This Together – Two of a Kind
We're Gonna Plant A Tree – Michael Ryther
We Share the Earth – Two of a Kind
We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands – Traditional Folk Song
What On Earth? – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Why Can't Every Day Be Earth Day – Michael Ryther
Wish for the Wild Ones – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
World of Wonder – Jack Hartmann
Songs About Nature

20. Teach young people the importance of treating our environment with care and that we CAN make a difference. In fact, we HAVE to make a difference and QUICKLY. If we don’t teach our children that what we do DIRECTLY affects the planet, things will never change. Everything we do matters, and if we don’t STOP the practices that past generations have put in place, our planet truly is doomed. Wyoming, where I live, is particularly awful when it comes to educating children about what gas and coal industries are doing and will continue to do to the environment, but we are not powerless. Children learn from those around them. Inspire them to help us and make them part of the rescue efforts. The mind of a child is a beautiful thing, and sometimes they come up with solutions and feel greater conviction to stop injustice than adults.

Save our planet earth essay

save our planet earth essay


save our planet earth essaysave our planet earth essaysave our planet earth essaysave our planet earth essay