Scientific writing of research paper

After gaining a first-class degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Manchester, Emma completed her PhD in Oncology at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, where she worked within the Leukaemia Biology Group. During her PhD, Emma discovered her passion for science communication through volunteering for Cancer Research UK. Emma is a talented writer who has developed her skills through placements with Aspire Scientific’s academic freelance team, an experience that led to her decision to transition from academia and accept a full-time medical writing position.

​These writing guidelines are designed to help engineers and scientists write about their work. To that end, these guidelines contain advice and models for writing documents in engineering and science. These guidelines also contain teaching and learning resources for engineering and science students. You are more than welcome to link to these pages, films, and files. In addition, you are welcome to print and distribute these materials, as long as you credit the website and its principal reference:   The Craft of Scientific Writing.

Hi David. Thanks very much for your tips. Very interesting article. Did you just tweet that you should keep “I” and “We” out of the abstract? I am translating a psychology article from Spanish into English, and I’ve come up against an unwieldly sentence (the very last one in the abstract) that basically wants to say “We propose a number of strategies for improving the impact of the psychological treatments[…]” Would you say it’s a no-no? I tend to avoid personal pronouns in academic articles as much as poss, but it just sounds like the most natural option in this case. Perhaps I could put, “This article proposes a number of treatments…”? Strictly speaking it’s not the article that’s doing the proposing, obviously. I’d be very grateful to have your opinion. Thanks a lot. Best regards. Louisa

Scientific writing of research paper

scientific writing of research paper


scientific writing of research paperscientific writing of research paperscientific writing of research paperscientific writing of research paper