Sociology divorce essay

General family patterns in America today are cohabitation, single motherhood, divorce and postponement of first marriages. Cohabitation is a permanent or long term union of two unmarried individuals in a sexual relationship (Henslin, 2010). Reasons for couple cohabitation include test of marriage compatibility, fiscal reasons and the want to remain single. Cohabiting is a form of union for illegal unions like same sex marriages or already married persons. Cohabiting unions vary on whether the children parents are biological or not (Henslin, 2010). Divorce rates have increased in the United States raising concern because of the effect they have on children. Some of these effects include, lack of parental attention, guilt and likely hood of cycle continuity. Such children have no choice of sides and are tied to routines. Density of these problems has is being reduced by placing the child on the side with more economic capability. In addition, the view of divorce across genders is diverse (Henslin, 2010)

The whole history of the United States is one of occupation and land seizure: rather than territorial colonialism abroad,  there was unprecedented territorialism at home. Ironically, the American war of Independence (1775 – 1783), far from being a pure anti-colonial struggle, was rather a moment that enabled expanded imperialism led by the European Americans. Once the revolution had freed the settlers, they conquered the res of the North American continent and reorganized the space for capitalism. This meant removing the Native population to make room for an expanding immigrant population, as was advocated by Benjamin Franklin.

Sociology divorce essay

sociology divorce essay


sociology divorce essaysociology divorce essaysociology divorce essaysociology divorce essay