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Discrimination in education is a familiar phenomenon for many transgender people, from restricted access to bullying and harassment. And that educational experience can contribute to serious life issues, from mental health problems to drop-out rates and lower employability. While it's important to point out that transgender students are also welcome in co-ed colleges across the United States, and that many female-only colleges, like Spelman, also allow transgender men to transition from female to male while they're students, the particular difficulties of transgender women and the potential afforded them by all-female college opportunities are significant.

Howardena Pindell is an outspoken artist, writer, curator, and professor whose career reflects the spirit of a creative risk taker, seasoned traveler, and an advocate for equality. She has been an influential figure in the art world for over 40 years. The solo exhibition Howardena Pindell features her oblong and un-stretched canvases, as well as her experimentation with hole-punched dots, hand drawn arrows, printed text, and personal postcards. The exhibition spotlights Pindell’s dynamic oeuvre that blends her abstract formal sensibilities, personal memory, and activism.

Homosexuality is considered a mental deviance or disorder … Our sexuality IS mental … and to veer from what society has considered “normal” has led some to consider homosexuality a mental illness/disorder. And was handled as such and STILL is considered not standard to some but is more acceptable at this moment in time … I do know gay people and I guess this topic is debatable but I do know that I am not alone in my theory .. I know being gay is not ‘”curable ” but some have felt it could be and some have even claimed to be “cured” which would indicate there is an illness to be cured …
Please don’t get it twisted
I don’t have a problem with gay people but the mental illness thing is arguable

Spelman college application

spelman college application


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