Va pta essay contest

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So devoted was Mrs. Lockwood to DAR that she attended Continental Congress mere months after her only daughter, Lillian M. Lockwood, died in 1909. She said, “I cannot live without my Daughters. I love them all and they will comfort me.” When speaking at Congress, it was Mrs. Lockwood’s custom to stand at the edge of the platform and address the members as “girls,” rather than “ladies” or “Daughters.” For their part, the Daughters thought of Mrs. Lockwood affectionately as “Little Mother.” After delivering a passionate, extemporaneous patriotic speech at the 27th Continental Congress in April 1918, 27 pages presented Mrs. Lockwood with 27 American Beauty roses. Declaring herself “overpowered” by the gesture, she admitted, “there are times when even little Mary gets rattled.”

Va pta essay contest

va pta essay contest


va pta essay contestva pta essay contestva pta essay contestva pta essay contest