Why is college important essay

I started dating a guy less than 2 months ago and we really hit off on every level. For the first couple of weeks I took things really slow and only responded to his calls, texts & date requests but never initiated anything myself. I even waited about 4 dates before our first kiss. Then I started to fall for him and I started to show more interest and initiate dates as well. We even started planning a weekend getaway (which I suggested) but the day after we made this plan his father died. It has been three weeks now and he has been kind of emotionally & physically distant ever since. He still texts and calls, but not as much as before and he isn’t initiating dates although when I suggest getting together he always agrees. I started to text and call and initiate dates, at first to make sure he knows I’m here if he needs support, but maybe now because I’m starting to panic, but I don’t know if I’m helping or hurting the situation. He won’t really talk to me about his feelings about the death, he plays it off like he is fine and it’s says it’s no big deal but he has thrown himself into projects around his house and working overtime shifts (at least this is what he tells me he is doing with his free time rather than seeing me) and has somewhat withdrawn from what was our budding relationship. I’m realizing that I’m initiating most of our dates and contacts now which is making me feel needy and desperate. I don’t know if I’m being supportive or chasing. I’m not sure if I should stop contacting him or how to read this situation?

Why is college important essay

why is college important essay


why is college important essaywhy is college important essaywhy is college important essaywhy is college important essay